Top Campaign Issues

Economic Development & Job Creation:

Buddy would like to use his diverse business background to be a advocate for economic development and job creation across the state. We need to make sure we are running a small and efficient government that gets out of the way of business owners, entrepreneurs and those trying to better their lives. The office of Lt. Governor is a prime opportunity for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit to become a salesman for the state of North Carolina. This is a great opportunity to have a representative of the state with a business background developing relationships with job creators and local governments to further economic prosperity across our state.

Personal Accountability:

There are many great workers in state government. Teachers, Highway Patrol Officers, Healthcare Officials, and thousands more. We need to support these important employees of the state, while holding them accountable. Government, like a business, must be responsible to its shareholders, or customers. In this case, it is responsible to the citizens of North Carolina. We need to work together to find ways we can become more efficient, and make sure we have the capabilities as a state to reorganize inefficient or bloated departments or remove employees that are not providing the excellent customer service our citizens deserve.

Veterans & Active Duty Military:

North Carolina is home to several key military installations and our veteran population is just over one million people. We have an enormous responsibility take care of those who are serving our country, and to make sure that when these heroes are done, they can continue to build a prosperous life. We need to embrace our veterans and work with them to create opportunities post service. Lastly, we need to work with our active-duty military service members and their families to make sure they are taken care of while they are stationed here in North Carolina or choose to live here permanently.


North Carolina has one of the most affordable and accessible university systems in the nation that help attract businesses to North Carolina. Keeping public and private colleges affordable will be a key priority for Buddy. We must also recognize that not everyone is ready to attend or wants to attend a four-year institution. North Carolina is home to one of the best community college systems in the country. As a business owner, Buddy understands the increase demand for a high-quality workforce. The community college system is a critical bridge to serve this needed workforce. We must also continue to invest in our K-12 system so that we have quality principals, teachers, and support staff. More testing and bureaucracy will not solve the problem. Creating a professional environment for teachers and allowing innovative techniques to educate our kids will help our schools thrive. WWW.BUDDYFORNC.COM

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